Real Estate Video Production: A Hollywood Film Starring Your Home Gets It Sold

When you're selling luxury properties, what are you really selling? If you said "a lifestyle," then you passed the audition. Selling luxury homes is different from selling traditional real estate, so luxury home real estate video has to be different too. How different? Way different. At Mars Vision Productions we create real estate videos for luxury homes with a cinematic quality outside the ordinary that tells a story and grabs your prospects' attention.

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The good news is when hunting for a movie studio to tell your story, there is only one location, location, location, needed to tell the story of you and your luxury home that you just listed.  Mars Vision Productions.  Mars Vision, heck it even sounds like one of the big studios from Hollywood's golden age. The thing is, Mars Vision is all about today's age and environment. By using the latest technology combined with good old fashioned storytelling with an edge, you and your home will star in a film that will produce the only box office that matters.  A sale that closes quickly for close to the list price. Before you start thanking all the little people that helped make it all possible, just know this. Mars Vision Productions can make it all possible. You are just one smart decision away from walking the red carpet that leads to you in black tie to the closing table. But there is just one question we have for you? Do you have the guts and vision to do something different and be a visionary when it comes to marketing your house? If you said yes, then you can read on. Somewhere Alfred Hitchcock is smiling. Hitch was different.  He tried new things and that's why they are still watching, copying and talking about his films even today, many years after the master left the planet that was Hollywood. So if you're ready, we mean truly ready, for your close up, then we want to talk to you about your A-listing. What's an A listing? Good question. Well that's any home that you will list at 1 million dollars and up. We're talking George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep here. Sorry no B-listings or films are done at Mars Vision Productions.  So if you feel that your luxury home, has the stuff that dreams are made of, give us a call.  We want to have your home star in our next picture.  As the great Judy Garland echoed in the Hollywood Classic Classic, The Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home."  And there is no place like Mars Vision Productions,  to create a "Hollywood like" film starring your home and you.  Throw your tissues away. Grab your sunglasses. The reviews are in. " A wonderful story with a happy ending. "

Mars Vision Productions 4376 Independence Court  Sarasota, FL 34234

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