At the core of Mars Vision Productions is Mark Palmer,  a humble visionary of extraordinary talents.  Graduating from motion picture school but yet yearning to learn more, Mark's hunger led him to still photography and exploring the image in the single frame. After graduating with a second degree in still photography, Mark moved back to his beloved Sarasota. Specializing in capturing the right light for all his images, Palmer's laid back style runs in juxtaposition to the egos sometimes associated with Hollywood.  Mark is a self- proclaimed home town guy who loves what he does each and everyday he goes to work. His independent approach on creative projects is built on one principle: He's determined and committed to get the client's final message on the screen just the way they want it.


" I am responsible for everything I put in every frame I shoot and edit," Palmer says. "It's simple really. My job is to help tell my client's story, and every one of those stories has to end the same way, with my client being happy with the finished product."


Mark Palmer makes Sarasota his home and has been producing award winning work here for more than ten years. Sarasota is where he lives, but some would argue he's most at home behind a camera or in an editing bay.  "As long as I can do something creative and make an honest living doing it, I'm happy. I love doing this,"  says Palmer.   Co -producers Mark Reese and Gus Mollasis, of the award winning PBS documentary series, Diamonds Along the Highway, have used Mars Vision Productions as their post and editing house and never run out of adjectives describing Palmer's renaissance talents. "He can shoot, edit and light with the best of the best. But more than that he is tirelessly committed to getting the image right that ends up on the screen."


Mark Palmer has a creative idea and solution for all his client's needs. When Mark is not creating images for the screen, he likes to spend time with his  daughters and  wife at the beach, sailing or traveling.

MARK PALMER: Video Production & Photography

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