Mars Vision Productions: Sarasota Florida's Premier Video Production Company
 Award-winning video production for advertising campaigns, television commercials, websites, documentaries and narrative films Utilizing today's latest technology, Hollywood-quality video production has never been easier or more affordable. Our Sarasota video production team works with an array of companies. No production need is too big or too small. At Mars Vision Productions, our philosophy is simple. We are here to tell your unique story and convey your image - and the quality of that image on the screen is paramount. Every time we turn on a camera, our mission is to create quality imagery - whether we are producing a 30-second spot or a feature- length film. How do we do it? We custom design a video production package that is specific to your needs and budget. It's the collaboration between your understanding of your business and our understanding of video production that makes it work. Mars Vision Productions is lead by Mark Palmer, who has been creating award-winning video content in the Sarasota area through his studio for more than a decade. Video Production Services Corporate Videos for websites, trade shows and events? We specialize in that. Training videos. Testimonial videos. We do those too. We produce Resort marketing and Real Estate videos that will make you feel at home. We are a full-service video and HD post-production house. Mars Vision also provides top quality photography for our clients. Our video production professionals shoot on location in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and Sarasota, Florida and all around the United States. Anywhere there is a story that needs to be told, you will find us. We will canvas the state of Florida for the right shot for your video production. Our Studio provides the ideal space for corporations, real estate professionals and any special project in need of a studio setting. Mars Vision Productions also specializes in audio for post-production. Our professional sound and voice-over booth enables our video production clients to record audiophile quality voice-overs, ADR for film and TV commercials, music, and any other forms of professional audio. Our Sarasota Florida post production studio has experience mastering audio for a variety of digital mediums, including feature films, corporate training videos, commercials, and independent video productions. The west coast of Florida, primarily Sarasota, has become a film and video production mecca. Over the past decade, Mars Vision Productions has become the premiere video production house on Florida's Gulf Coast. We are proud to be a part of the video production revolution taking place among the palm trees and sunshine. If you're new to video production or have questions on how our Sarasota production crew might be able to assist you in marketing your company, please send us an email or call today. Our professionals look forward to working with you! Our passion is creating high end videos, TV commercials and unique films. Video Production. It's what we do. And it's what we do well. We can't wait tell your story.

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